Friday, January 13, 2012

Ding-Dong the Bells are Gonna Chime: Eat Clean Meatloaf

Dearest Jess,

You are so amazing. I just really want you to know that. I was so touched that you and Jesse (despite you're busy schedule) came last minute to Peterborough to celebrate our engagement. (I am getting a little misty-eyed thinking about it.) You are such an amazing blessing in my life. I can't imagine how my life would be without you in it. Thank you thank you thank you.

That being said... here are some recipes that I made on Saturday with no idea that when they were finished I would become 'the future Mrs. Ufkes'! They all turned out amazing. I would recommend each of them. They are simple and delicious!

Turkey Loaf to Live By
From The Eat-Clean Diet Cookbook, Page 202
2 tbsp/30ml best-quality olive oil
2 purple onions or Vidalia onions, finely chopped
1/2 cup/120ml finely chopped celery
Sea salt and fresh ground black pepper
6 cups / 1.4L baby spinach leaves, washed
6 cups / 1.4L baby arugula leaves
1 tsp / 5ml water
1 cup / 240ml basil leaves
1/4 cup / 60ml minced cilantro
4 egg whites + one yolk
1 tbsp / 15ml tomato paste mixed with one tablespoon water
3/4 cup . 180ml low-sodium chicken or vegetable stock
2 1/2 lb / 600ml ground turkey breast (or chicken breast), no skin or fat included, or textured vegetable protein
3/4 cup / 180ml oat bran (if you don't have oat bran use oatmeal that has been ground in the blender) - uncontaminated for gluten free
1/4 cup / 60ml ground flax seeds
Cooking spray

1. Preheat oven to 375F / 190C. Make sure there is a rack in the center of the oven. Heat olive oil in a nonstick pan and cook onions and celery until they are translucent but not brown. Season with salt and pepper and transfer to a small bowl to cool.

2. Add baby spinach and arugula leaves to the pan with one teaspoon of water. Cook until the greens are wilted. Remove from heat and let cool. Add basil and cilantro to the wilted greens and mix well.

3. In a large bowl add egg whites, yolk, tomato paste mixture and stock. Mix well. Add ground turkey or TVP, oat bran and flax seeds along with cooked onions and celery. Spray clean hands with cooking spray and mix the turkey concoction well.

4. In a 10" loaf pan coated with cooking spray, place half of the turkey mixture, spread evenly, using clean hands, transfer wilted greens and herbs to loaf pan. Distribute evenly on top of the turkey mixture already in the pan. Now place remaining ground turkey mixture on top of the wilted greens. Make the top smooth with your hands.

5. Bake the turkey loaf for 1 1/2 hours or until the meat thermometer registers 160F / 71C. Remove loaf from the oven and let cool for 15 minutes so everything sets properly. Once cool, remove loaf from pan and cut into one-inch-thick slices using a very sharp knife. Arrange on a serving platter and serve immediately. Refrigerate leftovers and use for lunch.

I also made Stuffed Red Peppers which I really liked. But we forgot to take pictures... so you will have to wait until the next time I make them to see pictures and get the recipe...

Goat Cheese and Cracked Black Pepper Bread
from the book that came with the Bread maker

I don't have the recipe for this with me now, but it's just out of the little booklet that came with the Bread maker. This was the very first time I had ever made bread. Even though it's considered cheating (in many circles...) I decided to use the Bread maker... and after using it I have decided I am in love with it.

It was after these pictures were taken that I turned around and gave Jason a big hug and said 'This is the perfect day' only to have him respond: 'You know what would make it even more perfect? If you said you'd marry me' while pulling out a ring from his pocket and getting down on one knee.

I love you so much. Thank you again for being you.


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  1. I cried reading the last paragraph...what a Great! engagement story!