Thursday, January 6, 2011

Christmas Love

Dear Jess,

Firstly: I MISS YOU. Terribly. The worst actually! How are you? How was your New Years? How was Christmas? How is your apartment? We need to go on a date!

Christmas this year was different than any other. Bill came home from California. He was super bummed because he hasn't had a real winter in over a year, and he was met with a blizzard. We also toned it down with gifts. There were no stockings, and we all got each other a small gift. It was actually quite lovely.

Food-wise it was spectacular. I ended up trying the 'egg-muffin-breakfast-things'. I saw them in a magazine somewhere a long time ago... so I am sorry to say I cannot give you a reference. I found them a little difficult to get out of the pan, because the bacon and egg would stick on the pan. I believe this could be fixed by using smaller eggs, and possibly a bigger muffin tray. I really like this idea because you can keep it basic (as shown here) or dress it up (adding a basil leaf, cheese, herbs etc.)


Breakfast Muffin Things
So, all you need for the breakfast muffins is: Bread, eggs, bacon. You grease your muffin tray (even on the top of it!) Cut your bread in half and place half in the cup of the tray. Cut your remaining half in half again and place them in the empty spaces of your breaded cup. Place half a strip of bacon in the breaded cup (be careful that it doesn't touch the tray... it sticks really badly) and then crack your egg into the cup. I baked for 30 minutes at 300. As long as the egg is set you're good to go! Then pop them out and serve! My Gramma says that each cup is worth 3 weight-watcher points each. So they're no too bad!

Instead of turkey this year, we decided to try something new (of course.) My mom picked up some (prestuffed) Cornish Hens! If you can get past them looking like baby turkeys, they're extremely delicious! You buy them frozen and cook them for an hour!

Stuffed Cornish Hen, Caesar Salad, Garden Squash, Carrots and Broccoli

From left: Mom, Bill, Jim, Me, Cory, Mel, Uncle Chris, Aunt Marg
For Dessert we did another treat. Mom and I made Baked Apples wrapped in phylo pastry with a Whiskey Sauce! I don't have the recipe because it was one my Mom just pulled off the internet, but there are so many good recipes if you Google 'Baked Apple Recipe'.

Baked Apple

Anyways, I love you and miss you (as always.) I hope work is going well and not too stressful. I am starting work with my Dad on Monday, so keep that in your prayers if you can. You know how I feel about routine!

Kristy is well into wedding planning. There is a bridal show coming up on a weekend in January if you are interested! It's only $10 for the whole weekend! Let me know.

I love you,

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  1. AND I'm crying . . . at my desk . . . at work.
    I miss you so much and I have so much to tell you and YES we need to go on a date and WHEN is this wedding show!?!?!?!

    I'll call you soon!