Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Tasty Turtles

Dear Sally,

I found another recipe this morning that I think you will love and SURPRISE it has chocolate!!!!! Like you I was bored today and decided to make use of my time by creating homemade turtles. It kept me busy as I had to run up to the boxes in my garage more than once to find the necessary tools but I think it just might have been worth it!
To give you an idea of just how delicious these will be I need you to close your eyes. Imagine yourself walking into a kitchen where sweet fresh caramel is carefully being boiled to perfection while the clusters of tender pecans patiently wait for their creamy coating. Then breath in the deep delicious scent of dark chocolate being tempered over the stove ready to completely embrace the caramel pecan clusters.

Love you and miss you!



  1. p.s. the recipe is SUPER complicated so I didn't post it but if anyone wants it I can photocopy in a jiffy!

  2. WOW. wow. WOW. Please tell me there will still be some when I visit on Friday!